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Here is why Morgan Freeman will never stop using marijuana!

Aside from the fact that he is a role model in the celebrity world and a terrific actor, Morgan Freeman is not afraid to tell what he thinks on the things that matter.

He increased his popularity in 2003, in an interview in which he said that people should never give up the ganja.

He supports the legalization of marijuana, because he is confident that the world is deprived from the truth about it. He always speaks about this topic with facts and confidence.

In another interview with The Daily Beast, he said that people need to take marijuana as much as they can. He said that he will drink it, eat it, snort it, smoke it.

However, he does not take this herb for granted, because according to him, it helps him keep his work ethic on point and his energy high.

He says that marijuana has multiple uses, and he primarily uses it as a treatment for his fibromyalgia in his arm. According to him, the only thing that helped him was this herb.

He further explained that the scientists have discovered that marijuana can ease down the grand mal seizures in children, and he thinks that it should be legal everywhere in the world.

It is really incredible to listen to the opinions of this amazing man.

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